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Get Fit Program

Get Fit Program

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Want to stay fit but can’t seem to find the motivation?   D1 Performance and Nutrition has launched a new fitness program that allows you to ease your way back into achieving better  health .  We are  now offering  a customized training program for only $350 a month. This includes 1 session/week in studio with Personal Trainer. You will also receive a customized
at-home workout plan  tailored to your fitness needs with our personalized training app. In addition to diet and supplement consultations, monthly fitness assessments including body fat measurements and weighs in.   We want you to be successful with your fitness and health goals so here is a great opportunity.  Let’s Go! Want more? We offer more competitive packages if you want to train more times per week. 👇

2x a week monthly $570 (8 sessions)

3x a week monthly $770 (12 sessions) 

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