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Arbonne MushroomPowder Daily Defense

Arbonne MushroomPowder Daily Defense

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A daily superblend of mushrooms that supports your immune system, helps you adapt to stress, and supports cognitive function!◊ With only 5 ingredients, this blend derived from 100% organic mushroom extracts contains standardized bioactive beta glucans. With a uniquely selected mushroom blend to support immune response on a cellular level, this mild-tasting powder supports the body's cells to respond to environmental stressors. It features Reishi with adaptogenic properties to help alleviate stress, and Lion’s Mane to help support healthy cognitive function.◊ With a slightly earthy, yet neutral taste, it blends seamlessly into a shake, smoothie bowl, oatmeal or preferred beverage. Third-party tested, free of fillers, binders, additives.

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